BlckBts blends fiber arts with fashion design

10339570_404946986340203_5518366706825861699_nBlckBts, pronounced “black boots” originally started 6 years ago and featured hand dyed silk pieces. I am constantly learning new dye and fabric manipulation techniques to apply and expand my line; I have incorporated nuno felting and hand dyed wool, resulting in one of a kind wearable art.

BlckBts has been featured in runway shows, galleries and in select boutiques including Joan Shepp and Toile. My inspiration to make original fashion pieces is the BlckBts woman; I love creating a statement piece that the wearer can lovingly showcase with her favorite black boots, creating casual glamour.

Nuno felting is a technique that incorporates wool fibers into the weave of a fabric, allowing me to incorporate texture and sculpture into my work. In nuno felting, the wool fibers are agitated and migrate through the weave then “shocked” and shrunk to become a permanent part of the fabric. This technique allows me to create pieces that are truly one of a kind, organic in shape, and a distinct wearable work of art. I use high quality materials and fibers that have a wonderful textural feel against the skin.

1555316_404946969673538_4750760462718882858_nNuno felting requires NO SEWING which is a far cry from my frustrating days trying to make tiny doll clothes with my Grandma’s sewing machine. I will always be grateful for the time spent making fashion: BlckBts is the cumulation of schooling, passion and creativity; I fall in love as I make each piece & am sure you will feel the same.


Shannah Warwick


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