Getting Inspired for Spring 16

Fabric artist Shannah Warwick discusses the motives and modes that will be applied for her upcoming wearable art line & how she is getting inspired for Spring 16! ” Translating My Fantasies into Fabric”

January 3, 2015

There are so many exciting factors that are influencing my getting inspired for Spring 16!Getting Inspired for Spring 16

My husband and I just moved from our home in South Philadelphia, where our design style is best described as Bohemian Industrial, to a truly beautiful home in the woods. My locations and destinations always inspire my design, so this new set of inspiration and production is going to be divine.

My inspirations include:

  • Pantone Colors for 2016
  • Romantic Spring Breezes
  • Lingerie as Outerwear trend
  • 70’s & Victorian (always!)
  • The Woods!

The colors for your wrap piece are playing a large role in what my Spring 16 collection will whirl into. Pantone Colors for 2016 are in line with the shades I am drawn to, so things seem to be coming full circle. One of the colors especially: Lilac Grey. It’s reminiscent of highly textured grey cement finish walls, a distressed wall but a purposeful distress, like you are keeping it around because you are perserving a bit of history or maybe creating your own. I see these slate greys with rich plums and soft mauvey pinks with deep navy, contrast and floral.

Getting Inspired for Spring 16There is also a lingerie as outerwear trend happening and that will speak to the color palette as well. The 70’s and Victorian influences are still strong and I think that plays well with the bohemian flow and hard edge of the industial look. Fringe and netting are huge for Spring and I think my work will express the trends in a lovely, individualized way. I love that the 70’s are still running the show and find it interesting how it’s being mixed with English bell sleeves and raffia fringe.

It’s all starting to come together in my mind: how my new surroundings will influence the line and how I will continue to be inspired by the runways…

Things feel a bit romantic, but still whimsical and playful: I have gone past getting inspired for Spring 16 to being inspired for Spring 16! The dreads are going to lighten up a bit to make room for spring breeze to flow. I can’t wait to work with more natural dyes and be a true witchy woman with my cauldrens out in the yard! Elvira is waiting for me in my new workspace! Happy New Year!


Learn & Create:  Philadelphia Workshop Opportunity!

I’ll be teaching a workshop at The University of the Arts for their Continuing Getting Inspired for Spring 16Education Program in Philadelphia  Feb. 6 – 7.  It’s a workshop that’s suitable for all levels & you will actually leave the class with a piece of fashion art you created!

More Info on 2 Day UArts Workshop

I love teaching and exploring the craft of making individual pieces.  Read about an experience I had with an amazing Independent Study student. Inspiration for the student & teacher!



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