“I Dream In Red” Photoshoot

“I Dream In Red”  Photoshoot is BlckBts Editorial Star!

We knew going into the “I Dream In Red” photoshoot that the project was going to be special.  As it built, and the ideas became solidified, and the reality that I was working with my muses came to fruition,  and my pride and confidence in the project grew.  BlckBts photoshoots are a shooting star burst of energy and pinnacle of inspiration, and the “I Dream In Red” photoshoot has yet to fizzle out from its’ editorial heights.

Now that the shoot has been released through some influential editorial houses, we can host them on our site as well!  (~Finally~ x!)

Flawless Magazine

“I Dream in Red” was featured in Flawless Magazine , which was a great honor.  We wanted big online/social media coverage, and Flawless is absolutely huge.  The editorial mecca is a hub of diverse photography, with extreme editorial as the outstanding constant.


“I Dream In Red” then won Editor’s Pick for KAVYAR Fashion & Beauty Photography Awards, Spring 2016.  I have spent hours exploring the images on the KAVYAR site, and it feels amazing that the project that came together so beautifully is part of such an stunning collection of talent & vision.

Solis Magazine

The prize for Editors Pick is inclusion in Solis Magazine: Fashion & Beauty Edition 2016The digital media powerhouse featured us on their site and social media, but they are also publishing a special hard cover book!  Release Date: September 10th; 350 Pages.

“I Dream In Red”


"I Dream In Red"

The Beauty of Desire

I Dutifully Import Bliss

Stars Fall Burning Bright

I Crash Into Myself

Memory Is A Color


I Dream In Red



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