Mandala Altar Cloth II

Mandala Altar Cloth II

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Mandala Altar Cloth I

• Circular Mandala Design 

• Size appx 11-13” across

• Silk Chiffon and Italian Merino wool

• Translucent, Cobweb Texture 


Each piece is handcrafted by the Designer. 

*Suggested Energetic Use: May this piece amplify whatever magic or ritual is performed on it, May it protect and amplify whatever items are placed on it. 


I am creating these pieces as an act of surrender. I don't know where my life is going exactly but I am surrendering into the idea that if I just keep tapping into the work that most resonates with me then I must be on the right path. Maybe it's just not time for me to know everything. Maybe I am just a steward of the land where I live, the body I currently inhabit, and the planet I'm on. Maybe I am just here to feel into the energies and create work from it, in the moment, with the hope that the person I am ultimately creating it for knows exactly what it means for them and it moves them along on their path in some way. It's a feeling, a prayer, a vibration that I get to be tapped into for as long as I'm able to hold that line, work with that muse. It may end tomorrow or it may last for decades. 

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