Astral and Dreamspace Workshop Feb 10th

Astral and Dreamspace Workshop Feb 10th

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My entire spiritual and witch practice first started in the dream space or Astral. I firmly believe we use this space as a portal for what we want to experience in waking life. We can connect with guides and passed on loved ones, learn, process, fully rest, and just have a lot of freaking fun.

In this workshop I will talk about nightly Rituals and ways to prepare your space and physical body. I will give you tools to use beyond this workshop. We will then go on a guided meditation into the Astral and clear out what may be blocking us from having experiences regularly. There will be a brief Q&A and integration time at the end. 

This is for people who want a better understanding of the possibilities of working with the Astral or dream space. It’s also for people who are having trouble manifesting in waking life or have an incredibly hard time either fully resting or coming back to their body aka morning grogginess. 


The workshop will be held over Zoom from 8-9:30pm EST. You will be emailed a Zoom link on the afternoon of Jan 11th. 

*if you have had an Astral Reading with me in the past this is a great time to revisit your nightly practices and work in a group setting to fully engage the energy surrounding your current experiences 

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