Welcome to BlckBts, where fashion and mysticism converge. Pronounced "black boots," BlckBts is more than a clothing line; it's a transformative experience. I am Shannah Warwick, the designer and craftswoman behind BlckBts, dedicated to those who tread the witchier path, leaving space for enchantment while adorning themselves to complement their favorite black boots.

Unique Styles for Diverse Individuals

BlckBts specializes in flowing designs that embrace various body types, each infused with originality. We understand the desire to be distinctive, which is why our pieces are limited edition, ensuring your unique look remains one-of-a-kind. I take pride in crafting clothing and accessories that offer versatile wear, enabling you to express your individuality in numerous ways.

Artistry in Nature's Embrace

Nestled amidst Upstate NY's serene woodlands, I personally hand-dye silk fabrics and create intricate cobweb-like textures using merino wool. My approach minimizes traditional sewing, allowing me to sculpt through the art of nunfelting. Each piece embodies nature's essence, harnessed through the moon's phases, plant magic, and celestial alignments in my Ritual creations.

Continuous Innovation and Limited Editions

At BlckBts, growth and creativity are paramount. I continuously explore new dyeing and fabric manipulation techniques to expand my line. Nunofelting and hand-dyed textiles are integral, resulting in an array of unique or limited edition pieces.

Recognized in Prestigious Venues

BlckBts has graced runways, adorned juried vending events, and found a place in galleries and select boutiques, including renowned names like Joan Shepp and Toile in Philadelphia. Stay updated on our upcoming Virtual and In-Person Markets in major cities by following BlckBts on social media.

Explore Energetic Healing and Clairvoyant Readings

In addition to my unique fashion creations, I offer Clairvoyant Readings and Energetic Healing sessions. These talents emerged after a profound journey into meditation and spiritual growth. I cherish the way this work intertwines with my creative process, infusing fashion, accessories, and art with holistic wellness. It all began with reading Tarot Cards at public and private events and has evolved into a holistic expression of well-being.

Thank You for Being Here!

With heartfelt gratitude, I welcome you to the world of BlckBts. Join me on this journey where style meets spirituality, and fashion merges with mysticism. Feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you for being here! 

Shannah Warwick


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