BlckBts, pronounced “black boots” is a Clothing and Ritual line designed and handcrafted by me, Shannah Warwick. BlckBts is for people who walk on the witchier side of life, leave room for a bit of magic, and need pieces they can wear with their favorite black boots. I focus on flowing styles that flatter different body types and have original design elements. I know you don't want to see yourself coming and going, so pieces are limited edition and one of a kind.  I also love designing clothing and accessories that can be worn multiple ways.

I work in the woods of Upstate NY dyeing my silk fabrics and creating cobweb-like textures with merino wool. I use little to no sewing in my pieces as nunfelting allows me to "sculpt" rather then sew. My Ritual pieces are intentionally created using the energetic properties of the phases of the moon, plant magic, and other astrological alignments.

I am constantly learning new dye and fabric manipulation techniques to apply and expand my line; I incorporate nuno felting and hand dyed textiles resulting in one of a kind or limited edition pieces. BlckBts has been featured in runway shows, galleries and in select boutiques including Joan Shepp and Toile in Philadelphia. Keep an eye out for Virtual and In Person Markets in major cities by following BlckBts on social media.


Thank you for being here!


Shannah Warwick


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