"Becoming an Energetic Ninja" Video Series: Energetic Roses

"Becoming an Energetic Ninja" Video Series: Energetic Roses

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Energetic Roses


Working with Energetic Roses will transform the way your interact with the world and people around you. I promise that it can change your life as it did mine. We come into these bodies with so much sensitivity and connection to everything around us. Often we are given zero tools for how to navigate the energy and experiences we have. This can leave us vulnerable and open to taking on energy that does not belong to us which today we may call "being an empath." As an empath we deeply feel others energy and without tools we tend to take this energy on as our own. This leads to all sorts of physical manifestations like overwhelm, social anxiety, sickness, and poor mental health.

When Energetic Roses was first introduced to me I was so backed up with feeling everyones else's feeling that I had a hard time even knowing where I was and where other's peoples energy began. Working with Energetic Roses is a tool that will help you understand exactly who you are and what you feel. I highly recommend using it with the Running Energy Guided Meditation.


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