🌙Lunacy Kaftan🌙

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🌙Lunacy Kaftan in White🌙

The Lunacy Kaftan was designed after months of pondering a concept I heard about on a podcast. A band was experimenting with creating music around the phases of the moon. They were writing during waxing phases and releases during the full moon.

I thought the idea was interesting and did a little research, following my curiosity. I liked the deadline aspect, especially as a self driven artist and designer. Living in the woods I have a beautiful view of the moon most nights. It shines through my windows and I notice it when I’m sitting in my chair, surrounded by my winter blues plants (aka the plants I keep close by to remind me Spring will get here soon enough). 

I also wanted to offer something totally new for my first time showing with OdditiesFlea this April. Working with wool can sometimes feel a bit driven by the season. I knew I wanted a piece that featured not only nunofelting but also the flowing silk chiffon. An open Kaftan design allows for layering and a breathable style that’s perfect for Spring. 

Lunacy Kaftans will be available for the first time at OdditiesFlea. I’ve priced them at $278. I’ll have limited quantities and a few one of a kind pieces. Please reach out here or on social media if there are specific color palettes you’d like to see.


🌙Lunacy Kaftan in Black🌙


I look forward to meeting you all at OdditiesFlea in Brooklyn on April 6&7. Please consider purchasing tickets early as the event tends to run out. Follow OdditiesFlea on Instagram or Facebook for ticket link and more info!





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