Shape of Shame Installation on view through July 2023

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"Shape of Shame" is a textile based installation currently on view at Community Arts of Elmira in Elmira, NY through July 2023. 

Shape of Shame at Community Arts of Elmira is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.


Artist Statement

I’ve personally experienced physical symptoms associated with my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I think it’s safe to say that we all do, it’s part of having this human body. And sometimes these physical symptoms can be seen by someone like me or even seen ourselves when we tap into our energetic bodies. This is where this work comes from. My experience dealing with my own shit.


Shame may show up as an unconscious looming black cloud attached to the back of our neck, dripping and threatening to fully take over our day, our life. Shame may also take the shape of a long black dress which at first glance looks very elegant and strong until you start to notice the lumps and bruises forcing themselves to the surface. Shame may also be the physical embodiment of a second torso you’ve created bc holding onto it all in one body is simply too much and it slumps off the side of you, weighing you down and threatening to throw you completely off balance and onto the floor. It's like part of me had to fall out of myself to really see the shape of my shame.


And I have been there, many times and what I’ve learned is being able to name the feeling or emotion in the moment. Calling it out, at the moment and  allowing myself to have whatever I need at the time. It might be breath, space, nature, etc. Sometimes it's getting down on the floor and allowing my body to take the shape of the shame, continuing to stay with it  until I’m able to find move it through myself with something like a huge Art installation. 


Shame is not just just an emotion but it’s kinda just an emotion, one that can pass through us with awareness and commitment to ourselves. 


After July 2023, Shape of Shame is available for Gallery installation.

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