Working with a Psychic Medium

 Working with a Psychic is different for everyone and really depends on who you choose to work with. I vow to be the type of Psychic, Teacher, and Artist that will always keep evolving, improving myself, and learning. With that in mind, I will always be updating and fine tuning the type of work I offer and the type of clients that are drawn to me.The more people I work with, the more I understand my strengths and weaknesses. I vow to be clear on what I can help with and who I best work with. So let's get into that.

Currently the clients who are drawn to me and I best serve are those who have somewhat of either an understanding of or a deep desire to clear out their own past, better connect with themselves through spiritual practices, or simply want to see what I see on a deeper dimensional level with possible connections to loved ones and Guides on the other side. You are ready to deal with your own bullshit in a way similar to how I continue to deal with and process mine. Otherwise you wouldn't even be here, right now, reading this and considering booking with me. Something here resonates. I am writing this as a beacon for those I am meant to work with and here to serve in this way. 

How the f*^%!& does it work? This is a great question bc, trust me, sometimes I don't even know. I believe we come into these bodies with a certain amount of "remembering" or knowledge about where we come from and who we are as souls. Through societal programming, how we are raised, and perhaps the ego; we tend to lose most of this connection and knowing. Some of us are lucky enough to hold onto a bit of it or may have even made contracts over what we call gifts or abilities we keep. But again, the way we grow up may cause us to ignore or knowingly shut that stuff off. And that's ok. This planet doesn't really collectively leave much room for magic. However, you may have noticed that does seem to be changing. Again, it's probably a big factor in why you are here reading this. 

Personally, there are two main things I've experienced my whole life. I have had intuitive dreams and have dealt with dissociation. These two things led me to a committed meditation that opened up my connection to my Spirit Guides. After a lot of time, space, and dedication; my Guides said "hey, you know that thing you do in dreams, well here's how to do it in waking life." And WHOOSH, my whole life changed. I could see everything, energy, Guides, passed loved ones, other dimensions, etc. I know this may sound crazy to some but this has been my honest experience. I needed to learn how to work with all of this and have been training and learning from my mentors since 2018. I did intensive Intuitive Development with Sarah Entrup during this time that gave me tools to work with other people. I continue to work with her and others. 

In sessions, I connect in with my clients answering questions about their current life and give spiritual or witchy driven direction including plant medicine, modalities to practice, and directions to go. I am able to see where clients hold energy and clear it for them or show them how to do it themselves. I love having repeat clients while focusing on self empowerment and sharing tools I've learned. I am also a Medium and passed on loved ones show up in my sessions often. I share everything I see. I am not a gate keeper nor do I consider myself and my methods the end all be all. I consider myself a powerful tool along a client's path. I know my strengths and my worth. I also know I very much came here to do this work as much as I came here to create Art and Fashion. 


To book a session with me please go HERE. I suggest starting with the General Psychic Reading with Tarot if you just want to dip your toe in and see how I work. If you are ready to fully go into the experience, I suggest the 45 min Psychic Reading.

If reading this has inspired any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments below or reach me directly at




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  • Vabessa on

    I happened across this post on a day when I desperately needed to remember that, exactly as you said, I am not a gate keeper when I read for people. They hear everything I see. If that doesn’t work for them then we simply aren’t a good match. Reading your statement that you know your strengths and your worth was so powerful and resonated deeply.

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