Calm Waters Tunic

Calm Water Tunic silk organza tunic

Hello friends, 

As you may know, I recently partnered with Elizabeth of Crystal Heart Yoga here in Corning, NY to bring locals the Embodiment Collective. It is every Tuesday in July at 7:30pm. This week we asked what people were looking for, what they're seeking in life and the themes were peace and balance. I'm thinking of this as a huge portion of the planet is experiencing a heat wave. All I want to do is get into water. I just want to float in water, finding my own peace and balance I suppose. As things have shifted and opened up for me, I feel a new connection to myself and my own wholeness. I am not broken, I am living in a country, maybe even a planet, that is fundamentally broken. And it can be really hard to find peace amongst all of that. Again, I come back to the water. Back to floating and feeling expansive in my meditation practice. Back to what I'm craving more and more, this idea of expanding out into nothing and then finding a way to create through this nothingness. 

I know I'm getting a bit extra woo woo here but feel into it, maybe that's what you're craving too. Just time to simply be before you dive into your creative practice, your job, your daily tasks... maybe you can give yourself just a tiny bit of time before you immerse yourself. I don't want to add to your list. I do want to offer a way to make space so maybe it's easier to be here in the long run. Or maybe I'm just that tall chick you met somewhere that makes some cool shit, lol. Either way, I love hearing from you so reach you.

In the theme of water, I offer the Calm Waters Tunic. She's made of hand dyed silk organza and the finest merino wool. She will best fit a S-M and can be shortened a bit if needed. Click HERE for details. Personally I would wear it over a tank and leggings or a long maxi slip dress. Perfect for cooler summer to fall evenings. Can you picture it worn in Greece somewhere with the gorgeous white buildings and water in the background ::smooch!::

As always, thank you for being here! 


Shannah like a banana

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