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Shannah Warwick is a trained Energy Healer, Teacher, and Clairvoyant. Her path to this work came through her own spiritual and personal growth. She grew up on a Farm and always felt connected to the land. After years living in a city, She moved to the Fingerlakes where she transformed her entire life through meditation, yoga, community, and time spent back in her beloved woods. Her Clairvoyance began to come through intensely during this time. She trained with spiritual healers and intuitives to learn tools for herself and for the clients she started working with. Once the tools were in place, Shannah began using her Teaching skills to lead groups within the community and work with clients one on one all over the world. Clients that work with her want to make changes to their life, feel fuller expressions of themselves, and identify energetic blocks or areas within the body that need an alternative form of treatment. 

In sessions, clients can expect a blend of meditation, conversation around specific topics to work and intuitively look at, identifying tools or practices for growth and expansion, activation and expansion, and energetic clearing and healing. Each session will be a little different as Shannah uses her skills to create space and time aligned to her client’s best and highest good.


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During our session, Shannah was very mindful about how we were connecting, and maintained boundaries with grace and proficiency. She was able to tune in to the presence of an energy that had been exacerbating my anxiety and feelings of being scattered and overwhelmed, and I felt immediately calmer and more settled once we worked with the energy to shift the relationship. She also shared some valuable insights with me about the question I brought to the session, and I look forward to implementing the suggestions she made.”


"I received my first energy work session with this amazing being last night....all I have to say is WOW! If you are struggling with balance and feeling like you need some grounding or connection with yourself because life can make you spin at times and we as humans bag it up until we overflow ....I highly recommend booking yourself a session. She's Magic! I felt like I hadn't felt in a very long time afterwards! She's the real deal. I felt safe to share and she helped guide me where I was comfortable to receive. I'm so grateful and honored to have her presence! If you want to know how to book go to our face book page or PM me and I'll give you the your soul and body a favor and just try it! This is not a sales pitch this is my personal experience to share in hopes others can have the same feeling that Shannah helped me receive and leave with !"

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