Welcome to Root to Rise Meditation Space and Office of Shannah Warwick

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What to expect and how to interact with the space:

~When the sign says AVAILABLE this indicates anyone can come in to use the space for meditation. Multiple people can use the space at once, please limit to 4 at a time. Please also be courteous to others by not talking when in the space.

~If you prefer to use the space in private, please close the door and take down the AVAILABLE sign. Please limit your time to under 30 minutes if using alone/with the door closed and return the AVAILABLE sign when leaving.

~We ask that if listening to music or any Guided Meditations that you bring your own headphones to wear. 

~Use of the Meditation Space is FREE however donations are accepted to support Root to Rise Wellness Center’s continuing efforts to offer space and wellness to all. Venmo @shannah-warwick PayPal BlckBts@hotmail.com

Suggested music & Guided Meditations are below:

-Embodied Grounding Meditation 30 min (start here)
-Running Energy Meditation 30 min
-Song Suggestion (2nd one on album)
*To book a one on one session with Shannah please go HERE



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