Vulnerability by Shannah Warwick

Artist Statement:

For this installation, I wanted to hit on our vulnerabilities and inner truth, inner dialogue. We all know what the last two years have done for us individually but do we know how our neighbors and community were affected? Do we know how they feel? Is it similar to how I may feel right now? My life as a creator feels raw and bleeding. It's bleeding into every part of me. I'm wearing an all white dress and my insides are literally spilling and exploding out onto the floor and wall. I'm being vulnerable in sharing what's been going on visually and how I truly am. By creating an oversized white felted dress of wool and silk I am working with natural materials in a very intimate way. I am sculpting the fibers into the shape of me. The all red gash at the waist is also where the piece opens up and that inner dialogue is exposed. It’s a beautiful gash as vulnerability can be when we fully allow ourselves the space and the time to step into it. It’s also a public display asking the viewer to witness the energetic work I’ve had to identify, take the shape of, ask questions about, and finally integrate into myself. Creating this work has resulted in a better version of myself with more awareness and more vulnerability. 

*I am currently seeking a Gallery Exhibit for this piece. Please send all inquiries to
Optional Community Interaction: 
How are you? No really, how are you doing? Use the red markers and cut paper to document how you are feeling about everything that's happened and continues to happen on this planet. I am asking for a reflection of your own vulnerability. You can remain anonymous, you can sign your name, you can use words, or you can just draw. You are welcomed to clip it onto the string here on the wall or you can place it in the bowl and I will clip it on later for you. You can also tell me how this piece makes you feel. Do you hate it? Do you find it vulgar? Is it beautiful? Is it ugly? Your thoughts matter. How you feel right now is important to me. I am offering you a moment to be witnessed in what may be any range of emotions or not. Maybe you are simply underwhelmed and tired. That matters too. How are you?

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