An Endless Fascination with the Phases of the Moon

Phases of the moon ritual

I recently had a meeting with someone and they asked me how I schedule my time. I answered that I work in flow, rather organically, instead of following the typical "fashion calendar." They replied, oh like how you work with the Phases of the Moon? Exactly. I have an endless fascination with how the Moon effects my creative life, my spiritual life, and even my actual female body. I use it for planning my dye baths and rituals. It's an easy subject matter for my creative work. When it doubt, put a moon on it. 

I've watched my studio work wax and wane, yet remain a constant part of my life. I show up even when I'm not feeling terribly excited about things and somehow I find my way back into the flow. I pay attention to my body and how my mood is effected. Blame it on the Moon.

I live in the woods of New York State with a huge back yard that borders state forest. It would be hard to not be influenced by nature, the sky, the plants, and the animals that surround me. I understand why their are so many landscape Artists in this area. But I integrate the city life I left a few years back, into my work. The dark aesthetic has been my style since highschool. I will always make pieces influenced by my surroundings and my love of making pieces to be worn with your favorite black boots aka BlckBts.

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  • Anna on

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it was much needed. You’ve inspired me to resume my moon practice, especially in relation to my work.

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