Burn It Out, Like Lava, Recycling Through the Earth

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I was talking to one of my besties about this collection and said "god forbid I just make clothes to make clothes." And that's the truth, I just can't make clothes without them having a very specific feeling or concept surrounding them. Even when I do custom work, I want to know more about the person and I want the piece to have some sort of significance. I ask the questions and think about the answers as I make the pieces. The Burn It Out Collection for FW2019 is no exception.


My Biz Club partners and I named this year the Year of Badassery back in January and it's lived up to the name. I've had to literally be a freaking badass to exist it feels like at times. Being a badass also meant that I needed to reach out into the universe and decide what I wanted in my life and how I was going to get those things. So part of this Collection concept is the preparation for that, the burning out of the old habits, programming, wiring, or just plan thoughts that were holding me back for achievement. That's where I'm at personally. I am having a moment where things that have existed within me are no longer serving me an they need to get the fuck out. What better imagery then that of fire and setting that shit ablaze!! 


You may know that I like to create for a muse. Sometimes that muse needs to exist in a space (think Cory Wade in Adam Wallacavage's home or my white on white series). For this Collection I needed someone with connections to this concept, this feeling... So I started looking around locally and at first I was looking for someone around the same age at me (Im in my 40s) and I always look for someone with wild inspiring hair. I found Kylie. She's someone in our community that my girl Filomena Jack has tried connecting me with before but just never quite happened. But as soon as I thought about it and looked at a few pics of Kylie, and her magical hair, I knew she was her. 


Without realizing, Kylie has some intense personal connections to fire. I don't want to tell her story for her but the connections were more then coincidence for me. I began building a photoshoot concept and found a Photographer that I'm excited to work with. We shoot this weekend, Aug 17th, so stay tuned for images. In the meantime, here are a few pics of the latest pieces. I'm very proud of the work and energy I've put into the dye work and silhouettes. I really want to highlight the patterns on the silk so I'm using a lot of negative space and/or selective placement with adding the wool. It almost gives the pieces the look of being partially still on fire. 



I'm debuting a limited amount of the Burn It Out Collection at OdditiesFleaMarket in Chicago on Aug 24th. I will only be there for the one day and can't wait to meet people in a brand new city. Comment below with any special requests for the show or or custom orders. I'd love to make a piece especially for you!


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