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Silk Organza and Merino Wool


Collaborating with designers and creating yardage for seasonal collections is a big part of what I do. I work with other designers in a couple of ways. Designers send me sketches and/or their patterns and I develop my own working pattern based on their concept. I then make a sample product with Nunofelted fabric as pictured above. Once approved, I create a limited edition run of pieces for that designer. I’ve worked with designers such as NinoBrand in Philadelphia. We’ve worked together for a number of seasons to add complimentary accessories to her brand such as the hats, cowls, and tees. Here is one of my favorite pieces from NinoBrand:



In addition to working with designers in this way, I also produce felted yardage for cut and sew. I work with platforms such as Queen of Raw in New York that offers limited quantities of innovative fabrics from indie designers. The pieces can be tailored to your liking as far as size, color (remember I dye my own textiles), and materials used. The materials used can be cotton gauze, silk chiffon, silk Organza, and other light weight natural fabrics. The fabrics are then blended with Merino wool to give it the highly textured look seen above. 

If you are interested in product development, accessory design, or yardage please comment below or email me directly at



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