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I get excited for every new season but something about the work I'm doing now just has me happy dancing all around the studio. As you may know from my previous blogging and all of the social media posts, I am collabing with Ellen Durkan of Iron Maiden Forge to bring you "Forged of Nature" on Sept 29th. FoN is a runway performance show similar to your typical fashion runway show but with a more theatrical twist. Ellen and I will show our forged metal and nunofelted work together on models elevating our work to new levels. Click here for tickets and more info.


For this Collection, I'm working mostly with Silk Organza and Merino Wool. I've done some work with the organza in the past but it's more prominent this season. It gives the pieces a slightly stiffer look and feel but still maintains that lux texture that you expect from my nunofelted techniques. The color palette is black on black with veins of red. I may even do an all red piece so be on the lookout for that potential blast of color. The red veins are very symbolic to me. They represent strength and vulnerability. They feel like parts of your insides are being forced out and exposed. They show healing and risk, taking away power from those things inside you that are no longer serving your intentions. I've been listening to podcasts about growth and empowerment. These touches of red speak to the work I'm doing on my own emotional growth.


My intention is to create a strong collection collaborating with my long time, badass friend. Ellen's use of metal already symbolizes strength as a material and her pieces tend to include very feminine shapes and lines. We are working in opposite ways to meet in the middle with looks that are fearless. 


For the first time I'm offering pieces from the Collection for PRE-Order. Each piece will be made in limited numbers with the possibility of custom colorways. Here is the first piece available with shipping in Mid-Oct. 

Click HERE for direct link to purchase




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