5 Tips for a Covid Safe Valentine's, Galentine's, or Self Love Day

I'm getting a little excited to get extra romantic this year. I'm extending that love to my partner, my besties, and myself. We could all use a bit more love right now. So I put together these 5 tips for staying Covid safe while getting into the mood.

1. Get yourself a cute, festive face mask to wear to the grocery store. You'll need to stock up a couple extra supplies so why not wear your heart on your cheek with my Bleeding Heart Mask (coming soon!) You'll spread some love as you shop for your treats. PS I might even wear my heart shaped sunglasses on my ride there. 

2. Wear some sweet candy stripes for your Zoom meetings during the week. It's the small things that are counting these days and I am not ashamed to say that wearing a pink and black glam rock neckpiece makes me feel like a rockstar. Plus you get to flaunt your style on your profile pic. Self love baby!

3. Plan for your Valentine's evening with this Polka Dot Robe from The Rack Shack in Brooklyn. You can shop online here. I love this piece so much that I might just wear mine all day. No matter how you spend your time you want to feel HOT!

4. Set the mood! Turn off your screens and play a board game or a classic game of Rummy. I love playing cards because it brings out different sides of whoever I'm playing with. It's still not the safest to be out and about so find something new to do at home. I just ordered the old school game Mancala. I'm looking forward to re-learning how to play.

 5. How do you want to smell? I can't handle heavy perfumes or scented candles. But I do love naturally scented perfume oils. I literally wear Zodiac from Burke and Hare everyday. It blends in with my skin and creates a soft scent without being overpowering. I'm excited to try their limited edition Eros Oil with notes of chocolate and clove. You can shop for them here.

We have been going through it my friends. Embody love in any way possible may be key to moving us through these times. Loving yourself first ensures that you'll have every love to share with partners and friends. These tips might seem a bit obvious but I really needed to write them out as a reminder to myself. Take a little extra time to find love.

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