New Collaboration with Kylie of Riven Craft

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This collaboration is a culmination of my new, intentional way of working and a valued friendship. I'd like you to meet Kylie Baker. She’s an outdoor kid who had a tough time staying in one place until she moved to the Finger Lakes. Now she spends her free time on her new land, building natural structures, gardening, and wildcrafting flowers so she can develop a curative line of remedies. She's re-imagined her brand with the purchase of new property here in the FingerLakes of NYS. 

Kylie would like to introduce you to Riven Craft.Riven Craft is an herbal line of small-batch tinctures, flower essences, teas, and salves made in co-creation with the wildcrafted plants that choose to grow on a lush 10 acre woodland and deep gorge. Overtime, this land will be developed into a permaculture forest, focusing on the symbiotic relationship between humans, plants, and critters.

This is an organic collab that we are letting unfold as we ride the creative flow. We invite you to take a moment to explore our first Altar Cloth with Coordinating Flower Essence. The two pieces signify adventure and new beginnings. We look forward to what this collaboration and friendship bring you next.








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