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One day I started making a piece and I didn't really know what it was. I knew it was going to be a smaller square shape an I wanted to include symbols on it. It felt like it was almost a companion piece for the Lunacy Kaftans that was for the home. After I finished it I began using it on my Altar. I wanted to change the look and color of my sacred space. I finally realized I had made an Altar Cloth.

Altar Clothes can be used in many ways by people with various belief systems. Traditionally they are used to protect the surface of an Altar which is often made of wood or another sensitive material. Using one can be seen as a sign of respect or of the changing of the seasons or moon phases. If you read Tarot, Altar Clothes are used as a surface to work on. Comment below if you have others ways you use Altar Clothes, I'd love to hear your ideas!

Since moving to the woods of the FingerLakes Region in NYS my spiritual practice has grown immensely as I further connect to my home and property. Naturally this connection has bled over into my creative work. I began creating Altar Clothes out of curiosity. What could a smaller piece look like and how could it be used? I began working with energetic intention. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be introducing new work including a deeper exploration of Altar Clothes and other spiritually connected offerings. I resonate with Witchy pratices, the Goddess, Source, Tarot, Energy, etc. But I want these pieces to be more about intention instead of specific religions or spiritual beliefs. As with my concept of size inclusive design, this work will be belief inclusive with symbols interpreted by the user. 

I invite you along on this path and as always, I am open to your comments and in creating custom pieces in this style. Quantities will be limited with exclusive releases. The Altar Clothes will only be available online or at in person events when the world allows us to gather again. The images below are of my first Altar Cloth and matching Full Moon Kaftan. Both pieces are SOLD however I wanted you to also see the direction of the work.


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