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Artist Collaborations are an exciting part of my work. They bring new perspectives and sometimes even ways of working. Last blog I talked about the importance of getting out there and looking at Art. This week I want to talk about a collab I did with the Artist Mothmeister who describes their work as postmortem fairytales.

I met Mothmeister through Ryan and Regina Cohn at an OdditiesFlea Event in Brooklyn. The Event was at the famous Wax Bar where Mothmeister's work was featured. I was intrigued by the intricacy of the taxidermy pieces that were shown and by the photography. That night I set a goal to work with them in some way. 

After a few months I began designing my Fire Dresses and reached out to Mothmeister. Soon I began working on a dress to send them with an extra long train. The Dress was shipped overseas just before Covid hit and everything was locked down. The process took quite a bit longer then either of us anticipated but it was very much worth the wait.


Here is one of the images:

Mothmeister Artist Collaboration


I have never seen my work portrayed in such a way. I am still in awe of this image and that magic that's been captured. Working in collaboration brings an entirely new look at my work. I'm able to see it from someone else's eyes. I have a few other collabs happening this month that stoke the never ending excitement I find in creating and designing. 

Today I found out that Mothermeister worked with Artist Nandrysha to bring miniature dolls inspired by this image. Collectors who purchase their limited edition copies of the book including this image and hundreds more, will receive one of these dolls. I'm so honored to have been an inspiration for this work. 

Here is a look:

Mothmeister Nandrysha BlckBts Collaboration


I am so grateful for this Artist life. Thank you for reading and if you have interest in a collaboration, please send me an email at I'd love to hear from you!

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