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Modern Gothic Artists have found some type of home on Instagram. (I mean we can say that for just about any genre right?) Oddities Markets started popping up a few years back such as Oddities Flea Market, Darksome Art and Craft Market, and Salem Daughters of Darkness to name a few. Gothic Designers and Artists were able to grow communities of like minded friends to gather for Events that seem to be getting bigger and bigger. It's an overall oddity world. 

When I moved out of Philly and into the woods of New York I was worried that I loss my sense of community and connection to the Artists that I was able to surround myself with in the city. Once I discovered the vending world of oddities, I also discovered more and more Artists that I wanted to connect with. With social media we can curate what type of things we want to see. We can make mood board like collections of work that inspires us and moves us into our own next collection of Art. We can reach out and collaborate and trade and get to know each other beyond the images we post. 

During Covid, LIVE video became popular. It's a really easy way to visit Artists and Designers' Studios without leaving your home. One of the first LIVE's I watch was from Wren Britton of Purevile. I knew Wren from Instagram and then from visiting him at OdditiesFlea. I love the bold way he mixes vintage objects into dark fashion and jewelry. The LIVE video I watched was him working with a new medium, glass. I live right near Corning, NY so I am surrounded by glass Artists. But Wren was approaching it from the jewelry and assemblage world. It was just really cool to watch an Artist I knew work in a new medium. It was inspiring! Take a look at his spiderweb glass piece:

purevile, goth jewelry designer

When you watch Artists work it can give you the permission you need to work yourself. It can inspire and motivate you to try something different. It can also help you think in a slightly different way or from a different perspective. Wren and other Artists on Instagram inspire me to look at my own work from a new point of view. 

And then my Webbed Collar was designed. This image shows my first attempt at the new style. It's close to what I want and I'm really interested in seeing where it goes. It's wearable and functions more like jewelry then some of my other work (I will thank Wren for that!). It will first be released on May 1-2nd for OdditiesFlea. So please check back for that Shop Update.

FINAL THOUGHT: Look at Artwork! Watch Artists and Designers work. Visit their Studios when possible and watch the Live videos especially on Instagram. I'm talking to everyone, not just other Arts and Designers. Honor your creativity in whatever form it takes.

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    Your new goth collar is amazing! You are a gifted artist!!

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