Spring Colors for 2021 (other then black of course)

cauldron spring colors sumac

The Pantone colors of 2021 are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (Yellow). As a Designer, I do find myself looking at Spring colors and fashion trends but I'm honestly not sure how much I really follow any of it. Finding out fashion colors for 2021 on google might be interesting but I prefer to go with my own gut and listen to you, my clients. 

Last week on instagram, I asked you two questions:

-Are you still into Red and Black pieces for Spring?

-If I were to do other colors, what would you want to see?

Your answer to the first question was that you are still very much into Red and Black but you'd like to see a few surprises. When asked what other colors you might like to see your poll results are the following:


I was super happy to see that my favorite alternative to black and favorite color to dye, made the top of the list. I've had beautiful deep Violet results dyeing naturally in my cauldron using sumac. This is a plant that has stood out in my mind since I was a child. I have happy memories collecting the textural red cones from plants around my family's farm. It's always exciting to reconnect to memories in a new way.

What's NEXT?

Over the next few weeks, I'm prepping for two Virtual Events: OdditiesFlea on May 1-2nd and Darksome Arts on May14-16th. I will have exclusive, new pieces for each. As I work in the creative flow, I'm keeping in mind your opinions from the Instagram poll and keeping trending spring colors for 2021 somewhere in the back of my brain. You never know what wants to come through as I continue to partner with my studio space and the land I live on that provides so many natural dye options. 


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