How to wear a Kaftan


Kaftans are one of my favorite things but some people are scared they won’t know how to wear them. Kaftans can fall under the category of how to dress for your body type too as their are misconceptions over who can wear a Kaftan. 

•The first thing I want to teach is that Kaftans can be worn by most body types. You don’t have to be tall to wear one, you just need to get one that’s the right length and has styling options. If you’re on the shorter side, find a Kaftan that hits around high to mid calf. You’ll get the look you’re going for without it overwhelming your height. If you’re on the shorter side do go for a longer Kaftan, consider adding a belt or a heeled shoe. Taller friends can wear full length Kaftans and support the extra flow of fabric. Watch for Kaftans that have a curved bottom hem for curvier body types. The curved hemline works to flatter your curves. If you have a smaller frame, look for a lighter weight or even translucent fabric as seen

The second thing I want to teach you is that fabric matters. Look for Kaftans made of fabric this is an all natural fiber or fiber blends with higher amounts of natural fibers. Kaftans are made of a lot of fabric. If you wear a Kaftan that’s mostly synthetic and you start to sweat, it’s going to turn into a swamp under there. You want natural fibers because they are breathable. 

The third thing I want to teach you about Kaftans is what to wear underneath them. After you check the fabric content, you also want to look to see if the fabric is translucent. You may like the look of being able to see a bathing suit or bra and pantie under your Kaftan, especially if you’re wearing it as resort wear. If you love a Kaftan but not the fact that it’s translucent, you can wear light leggings and a tank or crop top underneath. You can also wear leggings and a tank or crop top underneath a Kaftan that’s open on the sides like the one below. Open sides on a Kaftan are great because they fit a range of body types and you can decide how much skin you want to show. If you’d prefer no skin, wear a long sleeved tee shirt and float skirt or palazzo pant underneath. A plain maxi dress is also great under translucent Kaftans or one with open sides.

Kaftans are an easy piece to throw on when you don’t feel like working hard to put together an outfit. They are super comfy and even forgiving if you have a big meal. So they’re like taco pants but fashionable ;)

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