My Top 3 Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Rituals are one of my favorites to plan. I love a good cleansing and clearing out of the old energy and making way for something new. In this blog post I'll give you my Top 3 Rituals you can do on the Full Moon or just before under a Waxing Moon.

1. Cleansing Ritual

Clean it out, clear it out, just whatever you do, GET IT OUT! You can do a cleansing Ritual with Sage if you need to completely clear out energy. Just remember Sage takes out the negative and the positive energy so know that you want it all gone. You can also so a cleansing Ritual with Palo Santo (ethically sourced please). Palo Santo removes only the negative energy, leaving all the good stuff you've built up in your space. 

When I begin cleansing my home, I first ground myself by running my earth and cosmic energy (more on that soon). Then I'll start at my front door and begin working at the first corner to my left and move clockwise through out the entire house. I you have different floors in your home, decide if you want to start on the basement floor and move up or whatever feels intuitively right to you. I keep whatever I'm using burning and producing a good amount of smoke. You can repeat a mantra or just go with the intention that you are cleaning out negative (or all if you're using Sage) from the space. 

I end back at my front door and put the Palo Santo or Sage out on the front porch to burn out. I usually end with a firm "May it be so!"

2. Fire Ritual for Letting Go or Ending Something

The Full Moon is a time of completion. The moonlight is strong and can illuminate what needs to go in your life. What better way to end something then by symbolically burning it the fuck up. I keep it simple for this Ritual. If I have a campfire burning (which I often do) I'll use that. If not, I use one of my iron cauldrons outside. I write whatever I'm letting go of or ending on a white piece of paper. If it's a bit more specific I might go into the exact thing I'm releasing in what I'm writing. 

Next, I'll fold it up while chanting or repeating a mantra and I light that paper on FIRE. Burn it up! Say goodbye and give it a firm "May it be so!" (sometimes I add motherfucker to the end but I'm a crass old witch so you do you)

3. Charging Crystals in the Moonlight

Every so often your crystals might get sort of a tired vibe to them. Even if you can't energetically feel it, know that after you've worked with them for awhile they may need a charge. I love charging crystals on the Full Moon. I use one of my Altar Clothes (see below) and lay it out in the grass or near a window. I like spending a bit of time arranging my crystals out on the Cloth. I get the impression that some like to be next to each other more then others. I like to leave them out all night and into the sunlight a bit. I just like to gather them back up before noon the next day. The Full Moon brings in positive energy and adds a bit of kick. 

I'd love to hear about any of your favorite Full Moon Rituals. There are so many things your can do my working with the Phases of the Moon. If you'd like to hear a bit more about working with the individual phases, sign up for my email list on the banner to get my free video. 


Looking for an Altar Cloth? Click on the images below or HERE


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