When Diane Pernet of "A Shaded View on Fashion" looks at your work

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Diane Pernet is an iconotic Fashion Blogger. The New York Times calls her "the original style blogger." Her blog, A Shaded View on Fashion or ASVOF, began in 2005 after success as a columnist for Elle Magazine and covering Runway Shows for Vogue.fr  She was influential in the transition of fashion photographer to film for Nick Knight amongst others. Her signature style is easily recognizable and hard to forget. 

diane pernet of ASVOF

I'm not really sure exactly when Diane came onto my radar. Once she did, I couldn't get enough of her aesthetic and look. I also looked to her for highlights on current fashion trends and news. I really wanted to be a brand that she noticed. Well, it happened! BlckBts was officially featured by A Shaded View of Fashion. 

I'm writing this post for a few reasons. Being featured by ASVOF, marks a sort of milestone for my brand. It's a seal of approval by a woman whose style is dark, witchy, and mysterious. Those are all words I would use to describe my pieces. Validation from someone who has seen countless amounts of fashion is a boost in confidence. Someone once told me to start a list of badass things that have happened during your career. When you have those imposter syndrome moments or feelings of self-doubt, look at that list. Having my work featured by Diane Pernet will absolutely be added to that list.

Check out the feature HERE

Some pieces she featured are below:


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