Using Texture to Style Your Looks

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I will forever be searching for great texture. I look for it in clothing, accessories, trims, details, and the materials I work with. I think texture is the backbone to a great look and a great closet. You can use texture to add interest, make your look cohesive, and feel comfortable. 

For example, to add interest look for accessories with different textures then the piece your wearing them with. The color palette can bring everything together but the texture can emphasize the area of the body your eye looks at most. Textured scarfs, gloves, shoes and handbags are some of my favorites.

Using texture to make your look cohesive is a great way to pay extra attention to your fabrics. For instance you could wear a silk cami under a drapey knit cardigan with leggings and add in a shoes with the same silky sheen as your cami. A great way to accessorize is to use similar textures in a few places. It gives you an overall put together look.

Texture is also great at making you feel comfortable. Certain textures remind you of favorite objects or great memories. Great fabrics, especially natural fabrics, just feel good against your skin and it's breathable!! That's a huge one for me. I simply can't wear certain fabrics, mostly synthetic. Sometimes I know right away by trying something on or even just feeling it. These days I stay from any synthetics. For women of a certain age, natural fabrics can be a huge help with hot flashes too. They breath well and can help regulate body temperature as a result.

In a follow up to last week's blog about my trip to NYC this week, I've been working on some new pieces with really exciting textures for me. You may have seen some of the latex work I've been doing either on here or social media. Here is a twist on a classic vintage hat style blended with heat set tulle, latex, and Victorian trim.




This might be the piece I wear to the Nick Cave event but I'm undecided. I like to wait to see how I'm feeling that day and decide. Besides I think I have to do a bit of shopping while I'm in the city so you never know what I'll find.




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