NYC Trip June 2018: Heavenly Bodies and Nick Cave

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I finally have my next trip to NYC planned. I have been collecting ideas for things I want to do for the past few weeks. Of course Heavenly Bodies is at the top of my list since I really can't stop talking about it. I plan to visit both The Met and The Cloisters because I'm entirely obsessed with the subject matter. Please see previous posts for more. 

I'll also be attending The Let Go: Nick Cave specifically The Freedom Ball and the Dress to Express Competition. I'm excited because it's been a few years since my days of costuming for Club events and dance parties in Philly. This event feels more age inclusive to me because it's based in the arts and also feels "go big or go home." My exposure to Nick Cave's art work is a bit limited. I saw a few of his pieces at the Armory Show a few years back and read about work he had at The Fabric Workshop in Philly. Sometimes this makes me feel under prepared but other times I just like to go to an event a bit blindly so I can feel truly immersed in it. 

The Freedom Ball Dress to Express Competition has three categories:

1. State of the World: Express your views through your body politic
2. Unlike Anything Else: Celebrate your beautiful difference and gorgeous self
3. Dare-Flair: Push your limits—werk the floor

Pretty inspiring right? I'm not sure which one I'm going to go for yet. I initially was drawn to Unlike Anything Else. However now that I'm blogging about it and looking at the headpiece pictured above, I'm wondering if State of the World might be a better fit for the materials I used. The materials are heat sculpted tulle with black latex and vintage crow feathers. The resulting texture is sort of melted with a mesh pattern behind it. Feels kind of appropriate given the current state of our country but who know's what I'll come up. I'm excited to go through my ridiculously extensive collection of clothes and accessories and put something together that makes me feel amazing. It should make for an interesting conversation with my Air BnB host. My artistic partner in crime, Filomena Jack, and my bestie will also be attending. (Please follow the link to Filomena's work. She's a colorful, wild woman and I love her!)  Can't wait for this event!!

I love these trips to the city because I can gather up inspiration and ideas and energy. Then I come back to my home in the woods to react and create in my quiet, peaceful environment. I also recognize that these trips to cities are a huge part of my mental health and self care. 

Where do you live? What sort of things do you need for inspiration? Where do you find the most exciting fashion? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below or even hit me up on social media under BlckBts. 




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