Visiting Heavenly Bodies at the Met in NYC

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With today being the first Monday in May, my anticipation for the coverage of the Met Gala in high. I have it set to record two different tv channels just in case I miss something watching one and not the other. I know I'm not alone in this excitement especially with this year's theme and title Heavenly Bodies. When I heard the title I immediately thought of John Galliano and the 2000 Dior Show. His iconic looks from that show will always be burned into my mind like the ceremonial incense burning during the show.


Thinking about Heavenly Bodies and anticipating the show also reminds me of visiting the McQueen show. I've talked about this in a previous post and it was such a huge turning point for me. After the show I needed to learn as much as I could about behind the scenes. I researched Andrew Bolton, the curator, and what other work he had done. I continued to make these fashion exhibits part of my creative process.


When I visit NYC with the intent of going to a Costume Institute Show or any other fashion exhibit, I really have to be smart about the way that I pack. I mean really, I pack so heavily to begin with that it's such a challenge to keep things narrowed down. 


So my approach is to pack great basics with one or two funkier pieces then accessorize like crazy!! When I describe BlckBts to new people I say that it is a very accessory driven brand because I am a very accessory driven girl. For this visit to the Met's Heavenly Body Show I already gave you a great sneak peak at the long rosaries I've been collecting to wear with my long, striped and nunofelted scarf, pictured below. I think this show is begging us to add gold iconic jewelry and long fringed hand bags to our looks. It's also asking for jewel crusted gloves and big chunky rings. Pull out all your tricks and pieces you save for “just the right” event because this show as so much to spark your inspiration. 


May I also suggest a head piece such as the piece below. The sparkly beaded applique is reminiscent of the details from that John Galliano Dior Show. Most of all, get to this show!! Write about it, tweet about it, comment in this blog post about it. I want to hear what you think and importantly, what you wore!!

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