What to wear when the weather has you down.

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I moved to Upstate NY about two and a half years ago and this time of year is brutal. And I know it can be brutal for everyone so I’m constantly thinking of what can help me, and my wardrobe, get through to the good parts of Spring/Summer.


My suggestion is: accessories! Like I’ve been mentioning on my social media and emails, I’ve been doing a lot of vintage shopping. I shop for bits and pieces to add to my headpieces and I shop for things for my own closet. My current favorite is a pair of long, somewhat chunky, rosary beads. I may be feeling the upcoming Heavenly Bodies Exhibit at The Met  but I love the way the beads work with my Black and White Striped Scarf seen here:


Black and White Striped Scarf with Dread Fringe


So my answer to this in between weather is to mix and match your accessories and maybe even get yourself a little something new! I know for me, how I look is how I feel. Happy Spring!

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